Gods And Allah (1995)

What Al-Quran Says About Gods And Allah (1995)



One of the most fundamental topics in which the viewer will learn not only about the many false gods of humanity (source of which is our own psyche) but also the one true God and His personality described by His Prophet and Messenger, Ibrahim (pbuh) in God’s own Book, The Quran. The History of Islam, as taught by various schools of thought and sects, has also played a role in shaping how we perceive and understand God. It is the love of our ancestors that forces us to believe the history of Islam, and what it teaches us about God, to be factual, when in fact it is common sense that the only personality, who can best describe God, must be God Himself. This lecture also shows how the various authors of “History of Islam” have been greatly influenced by Biblical concepts and stories, which can be easily found in the online Islamic information resources. These Biblical concepts are taught as part of “History of Islam” and proves how much the “History of Islam” has been influenced by teachings of the Bible, especially about Allah/God. It’s about time we learn about God, from God in His own Words, which remain relevant in all times and preserved in a book form, commonly known as The Holy Quran.

Because most information/misinformation nowadays is broadcasted through online medium, these lectures have been made available free, as part of online Islamic education to clear some of the Biblical concepts that are wrongfully adopted by labelled Muslims in relation to this topic. These lectures are part of a series of online Islamic videos, produced and presented by IIPC CANADA and are recommended to be viewed along with the booklets which can be found (as a part of Islamic literature online) through the following link on IIPC Canada website:

English Booklet: https://www.iipccanada.com/2018/05/09/pdf-booklets-english/
Urdu Booklet: https://www.iipccanada.com/2018/05/09/pdf-booklets-urdu/

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  1. Masha Allah keep it up with fact n evidences of signs of allah

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