Fahisha / Obscenity (2008)

What Al-Quran Says About Fahisha / Obscenity (2008)


A subject that is of the highest importance for Muslims to learn about, and this lectures defines in detail from the Quranic verses as to what is Fahisha / Obscenity and what is included in it, different types of Fahisha (indecent / shameful acts, fornication, adultery, incest, lewd, lust, homosexuality, pornography etc.), why it is committed along with different hadith / events from the Quran (of Lut pbuh and Yusuf pbuh) that are given for further elaboration, the punishment mentioned in the Quran for those committing the shameful acts and a brief cross comparison with bible to show the source of many misconceptions prevailing in the Muslim community, and lastly how we have to protect ourselves and avoid Fahisha which will always be prevalent in the community in all times.

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