Ibraheem (P.B.U.H.) (2004)

Ibraheem (P.B.U.H.) Ke Khuwab Ke Barey Mein Al-Quran Kya Kehta Hai (2004)


An important exposition from the Quran on the relationship of Ibraheem (pbuh) and his son Ismail (pbuh) in relation to the dream that Ibrahim (pbuh) saw in which he sacrifices Ismail (pbuh). In this lecture many misconceptions that have crept into the general Muslim ummah from the Christian religion are highlighted and the truth established from the Quran as to the significance of the Vision of Ibraheem (pbuh) for all Muslims.

Frequently asked questions


Ae Musalmano! kia tumhare liye imam abu haneefa main bahtreen aswa-e-hasna nahi hay?


Ae Musalmano! Dekho yahoodiyun aur esayun ka kia muahida hay Bible se aur tumhara Quran se?


Ae Musalmano! Kia ahl-e-bait Imam abu Haneefa aur in kay ahl-o-ayal nahi hain?


Ibraheem pbuh ka khawab kaisay pora huva?


Kia Ismail pbuh aur Ishaq pbuh ki aik hi Maan nahi hai?

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