Moosa (P.B.U.H.) (2009)

Moosa (P.B.U.H.) Ke Barey Mein Al-Quran Kya Kehta Hai (2009)


It is generally understood that Torah was the name of the book that God gave to Moses (pbuh). However, in this exposition through the verses of the Quran, the status of Moses is clarified and also what Book was given to him. It will come as a complete surprise to many that nowhere in the Quran does it say that Moses was given the Torah, and this enlightening lecture will describe in detail what Moses received.

Frequently asked questions


Kia Mohammad pbuh ko Moosa pbuh ki kitab di gai?


Kia Taurat ko logon ny aisay hifz nahi kia huva jaisay kay gadhay bojh utha kar safar karte hain?


Allah ne Quran ki Hifazat logon ki takhtiyun main kaisy ki hai?


Moosa pbuh ki kitab Mohammad pbuh par kiun nazil ki gai?


Kia har zamanay main Allah bashar per nazil nahi karta?

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