Rooh (2008)

Rooh Ke Barey Mein Al-Quran Kya Kehta Hai (2008)


This lecture tackles very important issues that concern the Muslim community searching for the Truth from Allah. Although everyone agrees to the Quran as the irrefutable truth form Allah, there are many people who have difficulty understanding the essence of the message contained in the Quran. This lecture describes what is Ar-Rooh / The Spirit / The Essence, how all human beings of all backgrounds have this Rooh / Spirit / Essence within them, how its inspired by Allah through the Quran to a human being, through whom its transferred to the rest of mankind, and most importantly, how mankind is able to determine that the essence being passed on is really The Truth from Allah and not some incorrect interpretation of the Quran misconceived by a human.

Kaisay Quran kay mukhtalif tarajum / tafasir / tajziye ko motabar samjha jai?

Allah ki rooh kia hai?

Kia Allah har zamanay main bashar se kalam / baat nahi karta?

Kia jibrael se dushmani farishta manny sy ya Allah ki rooh manny se hogi?

Mozo ke mutabiq Allah bashar par kaisay nazil karta hai?

Jab rasool arbi Quran kw qaum ki zaban main wazahat karta hai to logon ka kia rad-e-amal hota hai?

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