Hikmat (2009)

Hikmat Ke Barey Mein Al-Quran Kya Kehta Hai (2009)


In this lecture Al-Hikmah / The Wisdom is described in detail which the Muslim community associate with only Mohammed (pbuh), while according to the Quran Al- Hikmah / The Wisdom was given to all the prophets, and Muhammed (pbuh) Seal of the Prophets confirms it in the Quran. Additionally, the lecture points out in detail how to identify the verses of Al-Hikmah, which are to be found only in the Quran and which deal with the Dos and Dont’s related only to the moral sense of mankind (for which we have a natural understanding regardless of our background).

Frequently asked questions


Surah Nahl 16 aya 44 Mohammad Shaikh in ayat ko om baghair hadees kay kaisay smjhain gay?

Surah Abas 80 Ayat 17 Mohammad Shaikh in ayat ko hum baghair hadees kay kaisay smjhain ge?

Kia Rasool ne Quran say kitab aur Hikmat ka ilm nahin dia?

Kia Quran ne aulad ko waldain se taluq rakhne ki Hikmat nahin sekhai?

Kia Allah ki Hikmat Aal-e-Ibraheem ko nahin di gai aur log in se kiun hasad karte hain?

Hamain apni awaz nabi ki awaz sy buland karne ki ajazat kiun nahi hay?

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