Torat Aur Injeel (2011)

Torat Aur Injeel Ke Barey Mein Al-Quran Kya Kehta Hai (2011)


A lecture that should be watched in conjunction with the lecture on Al-Kitab / The Book, this lecture answers some of the basic questions about the status of At-Taurah & Al-Injeel (mentioned in Al-Kitab / The Book). At-Taurah & Al-Injeel are commonly misrepresented and misidentified as those books which were given to Jews & Christians but which were corrupted through time. In reality this could not be further from the Truth and this lecture presents the truth about At-Taurah & Al-Injeel, and also about its recipients.

Kia Taurat Kitab / Quran ki maan nahi hai?

Injeel kia hai aur ahl-e-injeel kon hain?

Kia Taurat aur Injeel kay sath Mohammad pbuh ka naam nahi aya?

Kia Taurat aur Injeel Moosa pbuh se bohat pehlay aur Ibraheem pbuh kay baad nazil nahi hui?

Kia musalman ko Kitab ki Taurat aur Injeel ko qayam nahi karna chahiye?

Kia jannat ka wada Allah ne Taurat, Injeel aur Quran main eman walon sy nahi kia hai?

Kia Bible Allah ka kalam hai?

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