Islam / Salamti (2004)

Islam / Salamti Ke Barey Mein Al-Quran Kya Kehta Hai (2004)


An introduction to What is Islam / Peace, as described in The Quran. This enlightening lecture is important for those wanting to learn more about History of Islam as it highlights the word “Islam / Peace” in Quran and point out how we have to enter into “Peace” which is sought by all mankind throughout history, from every background, but who are trying to reach it through their own way not prescribed by God. What is Islam is a question asked more today than ever before because how Islam is being portrayed in media. Even traditional Muslims just know the basic five pillars of Islam and the History of Islam as taught by historians, but no one teaches WHAT IS ISLAM from its one and only authentic source, that is the Quran / Koran. In this lecture you will find that Islam is more than just the five pillars of of Islam taught to us traditionally along with the History of Islam, which has nothing to do with the “Islam” as described in the Quran.

Islam / Peace is achieved through following the ways of Islam described in the Quran and unfortunately those are not shared by the scholars and educated ones. This lecture is meant to bring to light what is hidden from the masses, that will bring peace to the souls / psyches seeking it. It is a practical approach to life backed with evidence from the Quran, so we have our actions and beliefs are justified and we attain peace in our souls and psyche. Peace is the most important objective in life for every human (and its the system established by our creator) and so the only being that can guide us towards that Peace is our creator through His words preserved in the form of Al – Quran / The Reading.

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