Nafsiyati Zakhmon Ki Tasali (2012)

Nafsiyati Zakhmon Ki Tasali Ke Barey Mein Al-Quran Kya Kehta Hai (2012)


As human beings we are psychologically hurt during the course of our lives in three ways- by actions of others, by our own actions and by acts of God. This lectures highlights these three ways in which we are all hurt in our lives and how we can overcome those psychological hurts with the guidance of Allah provided in the Quran so our SOULS / SELF / PSYCHE can reach the STATE OF SATISFACTION described in the Quran.

Kia Allah eman walon ko tasalli nahi de raha?

Apne qareebi / jure hui dost shaitan se kaisay panah lain gay?

Kia Allah hamari pukar ka jawab deta hai?

Allah ka zikar kaisay karna chahiye?

Kaisay pata chale ga Allah ke momin ko rasool ki tasalli mili?

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