Muhammad Shaikh Ka Sahafiyun Se Mukalma (2008)

Muhammad Shaikh Ka Sahafiyun Se Mukalma (2008)

In 2008 Mohammad Shaikh held a question and answer #session for local journalists who wanted to learn more about Mohammad Shaikh and the lectures he has delivered over the years. This video offers some #insight into Mohammad Shaikh’s work and the thinking behind his lectures as far as how and why all the topics of his lectures were chosen by him. The viewers will be offered a summary of his work by Mohammad Shaikh in his own words while answering the most common and frequently asked questions by people who want to know his views about some questionable concepts, such as return of Essa (pbuh) after his death, status of religious books found in the world (in comparison to Quran) and many others.

Kia nabi zinda hain?

Ae Qaum-e-Hadees! kia sirf Quran hi furqan / faraq karne wala nahi hai?

Quran ke mutabiq sawal karne ka kia tareeqa hai?

Quran ke mukhtalif mozoaat ka taruf

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