Prophecies of Jesus (pbuh)

What Al-Qur’an says about Prophecies of Jesus / Essa PBUH by Mohammad Shaikh (2013)


The life and death of Jesus (pbuh) are subject to the greatest amount of conjecture, misrepresentations and false attributions among all the prophets mentioned in the Quran. In order to clarify and purify his personality from all the falsehoods attributed to him, this lecture presents the prophecies of Jesus (pbuh) in his own words and clarification from God All-Mighty Himself, to illuminate his personality for the benefit of those seeking the truth about Jesus, the Son of Mary (pbuh). This lecture was presented by Mohammad Shaikh during his visit to North America in 2013 to a mixed audience comprising of local Christians, Ahmedi/Qadiani Muslims, and traditional Muslims, all of whom have their own respective concepts in relation to life and death of Jesus (pbuh), and all of which are in contradiction to what is written in the Quran. An enlightening lecture and equally enlightening question and answer session that followed the lecture.

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