Is Qur'an the book of God? by Muhammad Shaikh (2013)

Is Qur’an the book of God? by Muhammad Shaikh (2013)

There many religious books in the world whose adherents are all claiming that the book they follow is from God. However, with so many choices how does someone seeking guidance from God know which book (if any) is from God? And, even more importantly, how do they know they have The Truth from God in written form that can be verified by people from all religions and backgrounds? These are one of the most fundamental questions anyone who is seeking guidance from God must ask. On a visit to North America in 2013, Mohammad Shaikh delivered this lecture on the topic “Is Quran the Book of God / Allah?” where he provided internal evidence from the Quran to satisfy these fundamental questions in a way that no other scholar or preacher in the world has done in our present time, for any religious text including the Quran. It is highly recommended to watch this lecture along with other lectures in the series of lectures on the Book of God / Allah delivered by Mohammad Shaikh

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  1. What is halaal and Haraam in eating according to the Quraan ?
    Such Lecture is needed plz

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