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What Al-Quran Says About Salah / Namaz / Prayer (2008)


One of the basic tenets and practice of a Muslim person, Salah / prayer is described in the lecture in complete detail from the verses of the Quran. From timings of prayer, to the method and purpose and also the types of prayers, everything is described from the verses of the Quran for the enlightenment of the Muslims in general who have never been given these details specifically from the Quran, and for those who mistakenly think these details are not to be found in the Quran.

Frequently asked questions


Why do we recite attahiyat and durood in our Salah / Prayer?


O Muslims! From where did you take the format of Salah Prayer


O Muslims! By confession & charity how salaah of the messenger becomes satisfaction for us


Is shortening of the prayers not mentioned in the Quran?


What is the correct format of Salah?


Was the Salah / Namaz different of each prophet?


What are the characteristics of a believer’s Salah / Namaz?


What are the characteristics of a hypocrite’s Salah / Prayers?