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What Al-Quran Says About Mohammad (p.b.u.h.) (2004)


A lecture describing the role of Mohammad (pbuh), the seal of the prophets who is mentioned in the Quran in present continuous tense. An extremely important lecture for Muslims and new converts wanting to know how they can follow Mohammad (pbuh) the messenger of Allah. It shows what he was ordered to do, where his example can be found and where his sayings are preserved.

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Does not The Quran explain most beautiful pattern of Muhammad (pbuh) for the believers to follow?


Does not the people of Hadith follow biblical Shara & not the Shara ordained by Allah in The Quran?


How is Muhammad pbuh seal of the prophets?

What Al-Quran Says About Maryam / Mary (p.b.u.h.) (2008)


Mary / Maryam (pbuh), from whom Jesus / Essa (pbuh) was born, is subject to the greatest false charge which mankind has been placing on God by associating her as Gods pair with whom God supposedly begets Essa / Jesus (pbuh), and consequently Essa / Jesus (pbuh) is falsely promoted as son of God by the Christians. This misconception is not only completely and angrily rejected by God in the Quran as the greatest false charge, but God also explains how Essa / Jesus (pbuh) was born ONLY from Mary / Maryam (pbuh) as she was born with the biological capacity of both a male and a female within her (or a DUAL SEX), which is commonly known in the medical community as a HERMAPHRODITE. This lecture provides irrefutable evidence from the Quran of Mary / Maryams (pbuh) gender as a hermaphrodite / Dual Sex and birth of Jesus by the “order” of Allah as an original creation (of self-generation) that can never be repeated, and existence of their progeny / offspring in the world today. This lecture should be watched in conjunction with “What Al-Quran says about Essa Ibne Maryam / Jesus Son of Mary”.

What Al-Quran Says About Christ Jesus (p.b.u.h.) (2011)


This lecture tackles a topic that has been subject to the greatest amount of confusion, ambiguity and suspicion in Judeo-Christian religion which has also crept into the mainstream Islamic faith. The lecture once and for all clears the misconceptions prevailing regarding the birth, life and family of Essa/Jesus (pbuh), his death and also the purported “Coming of Christ.” A must-watch lecture for Muslims and Christians alike.

Frequently asked questions


On Judgement Day only Jesus is asking forgiveness for mankind


Why Jesus pbuh cannot come before the Day of Judgment?


Can believers differentiate b/w Allah and His messengers?

What Al-Quran Says About The Book Of Moses (p.b.u.h.) (2011)


It is generally understood that Torah was the name of the book that God gave to Moses (pbuh). However, in this exposition through the verses of the Quran, the status of Moses is clarified and also what Book was given to him. It will come as a complete surprise to many that nowhere in the Quran does it say that Moses was given the Torah, and this enlightening lecture will describe in detail what Moses received.

Frequently asked questions


Is not the Taurah memorized, like donkeys traveling with load?


How has Allah preserved The Quran in the tablets of the people?


Why The Book of Moosa (p.b.u.h.) was revealed on Muhammad (s.a.w.)?


Does not Allah reveal on a human in all times?


O Mankind! Has there been 1, 2 or 4 books from God in all times?

What Al-Quran Says About The Vision Of Ibraheem (p.b.u.h.) (2011)


An important exposition from the Quran on the relationship of Ibraheem (pbuh) and his son Ismail (pbuh) in relation to the dream that Ibrahim (pbuh) saw in which he sacrifices Ismail (pbuh). In this lecture many misconceptions that have crept into the general Muslim ummah from the Christian religion are highlighted and the truth established from the Quran as to the significance of the Vision of Ibraheem (pbuh) for all Muslims.

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O Muslims! Is not #Imam Abu Hanifa a beautiful pattern for you to follow?


O Muslims! Watch, what is the covenant of Jews & Christians in bible, & your covenant from Quran?


How did Ibraheem’s (pbuh) dream come true?


Did not Ismaeel pbuh & Ishaq pbuh had the same mother?

What Al-Quran Says About Religion Of Abraham (2009)


Very few people are aware that the Muslims follow the Millat / Religion / Way of Life of Ibraheem / Abraham (pbuh) who is also the father (spiritually) of all Muslims according to the Quran. The Arabic word “Deen” is mistakenly translated as “religion” but which actually means “Judgment”. Deen / Judgment is to attain Peace / Islam in life in the sight of God, while Millat / Religion of Ibraheem is the how all Muslims are suppose to behave in life for this purpose. This lecture points out not only the attributes of Ibraheem (pbuh) whose religion we follow but also what his practices were which all Muslims have to follow.

Frequently asked questions


O Muslims! Did Mohammad S A W not follow the religion of Imam Abu Hanifa?


O Muslims! Is not Imam Abu Hanifa and his family Ahl e Bait


Did not Kaaba exsit before Ibraheem pbuh along with established Salah and Tawaf?


During Hajj hearts of the believers are inclined towards gaining nearness of Allah


Besides Muslims, don’t Jews & Christians, call from Abraham to Jesus as biblical Jewish prophets?