Sohail Hafeez Khan

Treasurer: Brother Sohail Hafeez Khan has qualification and experience in Information Technology, having core expertise in System and Network administration. He also possesses experience in Human Resource, Teaching and Customer service in IT and Aviation industry.
He was introduced to Brother Muhammad Shaikh at young age and start correcting his life with Allah’s message.

Adnan Kaleemi

Director: Brother Adnan Kaleemi is a medical doctor by education with training in Neuropsychiatry. An entrepreneur, Medical Sonographer and a Commodity Trading Advisor in North America, he is pioneering a breakthrough technology in Neuroscience and Trading/Investing.

Early religious understanding began in Saudi Arabia where he spent his childhood. After meeting brother Muhammad Shaikh in Pakistan, inspired by his lectures, he found it foremost to continue his journey with the guidance and truth in the Quran, propagating the peaceful and beneficial message in the lectures for the cause of Allah.