Life Attempt on Muhammad Shaikh in 2005 with English subtitle

Life Attempt on Muhammad Shaikh in 2005 with English subtitle

In 2005 there was a failed attempt to assassinate Muhammad Shaikh by someone opposed to the teachings of the Quran and what Muhammad Shaikh was propagating. The assassin was able to fire a couple of shots at him while he was presenting ayats to a visitor in his center. One of the bullets wounded Muhammad Shaikh passing through his face from right side above his jaw and breaking eight (8) of his lower jaw teeth and damaging some nerves. This was an attempt to stop his work, but after this incident it further strengthened Muhammad Shaikhs resolve to bring Allahs verses and what He has revealed to the masses. This video was made after Muhammad Shaikhs recovery (physical and psychological) with the help of Allah for the purpose of reaffirming (to everyone including those who oppose him) his resolve to continue the dawah / propagation work. This video was made also to make sense of that incident in light of the verses in order to provide psychological consolation for all those affected by this incident including of course Muhammad Shaikh himself.

Pastor Jaffery Wright 2013 based on Quran & Bible

Pastor Jaffery Wright 2013 based on Quran & Bible.

A one of its kind discussion in terms of
1. Quality of arguments.
2. References from Quran and Bible.
3. Comparison between beliefs and practices.
4. Comprehension visual aid.
5. Urdu subtitles.

A treasure for the students of comparative religion,
a great source of learning for the Muslims to understand the Quran
better, and witness what the Bible contains which is considered
by some to be the word of God.

Aazim Kamal Omer

Director: Brother Aazim Kamal Omer is a doctor by profession. He graduated from Dow Medical College, University of Karachi, and did his post-graduate Internal Medicine Residency from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York University, NY. He went on to do further specialization in Hematology and Oncology from University of Minnesota, MN.

He comes from a religious family where his father and uncle encouraged him to read Quran with understanding from early childhood. He learned Quranic Arabic during his school years. He was introduced to Brother Muhammad Shaikh at a very young age and instantly got inspired by his Quranic approach and lectures and started taking guidance from them. He is involved in propagating the lectures of Brother Muhammad Shaikh in the community.

Masajid ke baray main Al-Quran kya kehta hey

Masajid ke baray main Al-Quran kya kehta hey

Masjid ke bare mein ye jante hein ke ye musalmano ki Ebadat Gah hai jahan musalman ijtemai taur par Namaz qaim karte hein. Masjid ke lafzi mane sajda karne ki jagah hai. Iss dars mein sirf masajid ke baare mein tafseel se bayan kya gaya hai balke teen makhsoos masajid jinko Allah ne Quran mein bayan kiya hai yani Masjide Haram, Masjide Aqsa aur Masjide Zarar jo har zamane mein maujood hein unn ki bhi wazahat aur nishan dahi ki gai hai. Quran se Masjid ke nazarye ki mazeed wazahat ke liye ye dars daikhna lazmi hai.

Mukhtalif sawaalaat aur unke jawabaat kay video clips


Khalifa ke baray main Al-Quran kia kehta hai

Khalifa ke baray main Al-Quran kia kehta hai

Khalifa ke maney Janasheen ke hein. Jiska tasalsul har zamane mein mukhtalif uhdon aur shobo mein jari rehta hai. Lakin Islam ki mazhabi tareekh aur riwayaat mein hum ye sunte aye hein ke Islam mein chaar (4) Khalifa hein aur iss ke baad khalafat ruk gai. Jabke Quran se iss baat ki wazahat hoti hai ke Khilafat / Janasheeni har zamane mein un logo mein jari rehti hai jo Allah ki kitab ke waris hote hein. Namaz qaim karte hein aur Allah ki kitab se hi dars laite hein aur isee ki logon ko taalim daite hein. Iss tarha ke logon ko Allah har zamane mein Khalifa / Janasheen muqarrir karta hai. Allah ki kitab se iss baat ki shanakht aur wazahat hoti hai ke kaun kirdar ke lehaz se Allah ke banaye hoey Khalifa / Janasheen hein aur kaun khud sakhta khalifa hein. Ye dars in sab nukat ko tafseel se bayan karta hai aur iss baat ki wazahat karta hai ke Allah ki nazar mein aaj kaise Khilafat / Janasheeni hasil ki jaye.

Is Quran the book of God? by Muhammad Shaikh (2013)

Is Quran the book of God? by Muhammad Shaikh (2013)

There are many religious books in the world whose adherents are all claiming that the book they follow, is from God. However, with so many choices how does someone seeking guidance from God, know which book (if any) is from God? And, even more importantly, how do they know they have The Truth from God in written form that can be verified by people from all religions and backgrounds? These are the most fundamental questions anyone seeking guidance from God, must ask. On a visit to North America in 2013, Muhammad Shaikh delivered this lecture on the topic “Is Quran the Book of God/Allah?” where he provided internal evidence from the Quran to satisfy these fundamental questions in a way that no other scholar or preacher in the world has done in our present time, for any religious text including the Quran. It is highly recommended to watch this lecture along with other lectures in the series of lectures on the Book of God/Allah delivered by Muhammad Shaikh.

Book of Allah

Book of Allah

A lecture explaining in detail the different attributes of
Delivered by Muhammad Shaikh in
New Jersey (#USA) during one of his world tours.

After clarifying the existence, source, contents and the people of
the lecture moves towards an interactive question and answer session to clarify the audience even further.

A unique feature of this lecture (like all others by Muhammad Shaikh) is that, it is solely based on the Quranic verses,
which makes it easy for the students to,
a) know that it is The Truth coming from #GOD,
b) the verification of what is being delivered in
the lecture is done through the #Arabic of the Quranic text.

Part 1
Title: Introduction to The #Bible
Points discussed:
46 books day version
39 books King James version
27 books New Testament

Part 2
Title: Difference between The Book & Al #Quran
Ayaat / Quranic verses discussed:

Part 3
Title: To whom The Book was given?
Ayaat / Quranic verses discussed:
39:69 & 70

Part 4
Title: The Book contains #Torah, Gospel & Beautiful #Hadith
Ayaat / Quranic verses discussed:
5:44, 45, 46 & 47

Part 5
Title: What is The Book of Psalms?
Ayaat / Quranic verses discussed:

Part 6
Title: What were Moses’ Tablets?
Ayaat / Quranic verses discussed:
85:21 & 22

Bible exodus 32:19 (tablet of stones)

Part 7
Title: What ‘Remembrance’ is revealed by God?
Ayaat / Quranic verses discussed:
54:17, 22, 32 & 40

Part 8
Title: What are ‘Pages’ of The Book?
Ayaat / Quranic verses discussed:
80:11 – 16
98:2 & 3
87:18 &19

Part 9
Title: Among The people of The Book Behavior of the believers.
Ayaat / Quranic verses discussed:

Part 10
Title: Appointment of the messenger in the self / soul / psyche
Ayaat / Quranic verses discussed:

Questions & Answers Session
Part 11
Title: Did Muhammad pbuh receive the Quran?
Ayaat / Quranic verses discussed:

Part 12,
Title: Can we hurt someone if they hurt us?
Ayaat / Quranic verses discussed:

Part 13,
Title: Is Traditional Hadith & Sunnah of Muhammad pbuh a must to understand The Quran?
Ayaat / Quranic verses discussed:
75:16 – 18

Part 14,
Title: In Al Qasas 28:48 which two books are mentioned?
Ayaat / Quranic verses discussed:
28:48 & 49

Part 15,
Title: How Quran is easy to Remember & Understand?
Ayaat / Quranic verses discussed:

Part 16,
Title: Does Quran Have Details of Everything?
Ayaat / Quranic verses discussed:

Part 17
Title: How do we purify ourselves?
Ayaat / Quranic verses discussed:

Part 18,
Title: How Allah appoints the messenger in the soul / self / psyche of Mankind?
Ayaat / Quranic verses discussed:
55:1 – 4
69:38 – 40
23:68 & 69