Muhammad Shaikh

Muhammad Shaikh

Honorable Credentials:

The 500 Most Influential Muslims 2010-2012 Books: “Shaikh, Muhammad Founder of the International Islamic Propagation Center (IIPC), a da’wa organization based in Karachi, Pakistan, Mohammad Shaikh is well-known as an influential public speaker. He has given numerous lectures on the Qur’an and also founded the English-language IIPC TV channel which broadcasts to viewers across the globe. He was ranked 4th most influential Muslim in the world on a public poll by Reuters in 2009.”

Ranked 4th Most Influential Muslim in the World on a public poll by Reuters in 2009

Certificate in Comparative Studies: In 1988, Mohammad Shaikh was awarded a certificate from IPCI presented by the honorable Sheikh Ahmed Deedat in Durban, South Africa.

Turning Point in Life: An event early in his career which had a profound effect on Mohammad Shaikh occurred on 15th December, 1986 when some armed criminals broke into his office in Karachi. Soon a struggle ensued and one of the men pulled the trigger, but he was not hit. It was at this point in time, he recalls, that he closed his eyes and prayed to Allah deep in his heart, that if his life were spared, he would dedicate it to His cause – it was as if his prayer was heard, that the armed men all of a sudden broke loose and fled, leaving him physically and psychologically drained.

Approach to The Quran: By explaining the Qur’an through the inflection of Ayaat, he makes it obvious in a subtle manner that most traditional beliefs that have crept within Islamic canon have their origin from the Bible and not the Qur’an.

Opposition from extremists and an attempt on his life: An armed intruder broke into the IIPC building in Karachi and fired gunshots at Mohammad Shaikh from a very close range. Luckily the assassin’s bullets did not prove fatal, and the brother was immediately rushed to hospital and underwent life-saving surgery. He has since then grown stronger in his resolve to propagate the message of Allah to the masses through whatever means available to him.


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  1. Mohammad shaikh kis maslak se ta alluk rakhte hain

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    Jumme ka khutba karaana hu tu mai konsa khutba donga

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    Aggar mene jumme ki namaz ka khutba dena ho tu konsa khutba donga

  4. Salamun alekum sir i am form India main aap se baat karna chahta hun please call me +918294911385
    Mohammad Farjul ansari

  5. Is there a translation of Quran in english or hindi by him. If yes,how can I get it

  6. Hello sir . Umed krta hu k app kheryat se hongy. Sir mujhe ek Quran chayeh App k translations mein in Urdu?

  7. sir i have to ask some question related to your lectures please guide me how can i communicate with you thanks?

  8. Assalamoalikum.
    There is a confusion i want to clarify, related to one of your lecture. How can i communicate with Sheikh sir.

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