Frequently asked questions


Adultery, fornication, lesbianism, gayism and homosexuality

What is the punishment of a married woman adulterer in Quran & Bible?


Children of Israel

Who is Israel & Bani / Children of Israel?

Are Children of Israel Muslims?


Consolation of Psychological Hurts

Does not Allah console the believers?

Does Allah respond to our calls?

How would we know believer of Allah received messenger’s consolation?


Devil / Satan

What is your refuge from your intimate / connected companion, the Satan?



Does Allah cancel His ayats?

What is the purpose of lailat-ul-Qadr, night of blessing & evaluation?

Is not Mankind fasting in the month of Ramadan since its existence?

Does not the Quran emphasize on the timing of opening & closing the fast?

In the nearness of Allah how can we give atonement & correct our sins & mistakes?

Is the month of Ramadan depended on the physical sighting of the moon?

Can women fast & pray during menstruation?



Is it correct that the #Quran is Qaul saying of Allah and #Hadith is Qaul saying of messenger?

Do we need Ahadith to understand The Quran or does The Quran validates Ahadith?

O People of Hadith! Have you pondered that recognition of Allahs messenger is by Ahadith or Quran?

In Quran, Is God not the author of the most beautiful hadiths of the prophets?

Did not Allah describe the behavior of the people of Hadith?

Are books of hadith authentic according to The Quran?

Does the Quran speaks of any sort of Wahi / inspiration other than The Quran?

What the messenger gives you, take it, and what he forbids you, so forbid



O’Muslims! Watch Jews and Christians faith about Hijab

Is Hijab (covering) of women’s face & head mentioned in the Quran?


Is Mary the only parent of Jesus

Was Jesus PBUH born in summers or winters by Mohammad Shaikh?


Jesus pbuh

On Judgement Day only Jesus is asking forgiveness for mankind

Can believers differentiate b/w Allah and His messengers?

Why Jesus pbuh cannot come before the Day of Judgment?


Jews and Christians

O’ Muslims! Watch the beliefs of Jews and Christians.


Kaaba 2009

O’Muslims! Watch Jews and Christians faith about Jerusalem Baitul Muqaddas.

How Allah changes the Qibla (direction of belief) of mankind & guides them to straight path?

Is not Al Qaeda s to be followed by the Muslims in the House of Islam?

To whom the Book is given, don’t they recognize Qibla of the messenger, like they know their sons?


Kaaba 1992

Mohammad Shaikh explains about Jerusalem Baitul Muqaddas in 1992

Were there 360 #idols in the House of Allah?



Does Muhammad pbuh wives ages are align with the Quran?


Muhammad (pbuh)

Does not The Quran explain most beautiful pattern of Muhammad (pbuh) for the believers to follow?

Does not the people of Hadith follow biblical Shara & not the Shara ordained by Allah in The Quran?

How is Muhammad pbuh seal of the prophets?


Muslim / Moslem

What should be the belief of Muslim / Submitter for Allah?

How to invite Muslims from the people of the book?

What is the judgment in the nearness of Allah?

Does not Allah make Muslims for Himself?


People of The Book

O Mankind! Which book was given to the prophets?

Who are people of the book?

Did not the messenger teach The Book & The Wisdom from The Quran?


Prophecies of Jesus

Did Jesus Essa PBUH claim to be God?



Why is not Quran taught in any university / college / school anywhere in the world?

We can never understand the Quran unless the scholars explain it from Hadith, Sunnah & bible!

If God is the Author of Quran then why will He not accumulate or preserve it since inception?

Why people of Hadith & mankind can never read & understand the Quran for guidance?

O’ People Ponder – What is the proof that The Quran is the only Book of Allah?

Has Allah revealed The Quran in Arabic to address the Arabs



O’Muslims! Watch Beliefs of Jews and Christians about the blasphemy law

Does dishonoring / hurting (blasphemy) the messenger requires capital punishment?

O’Muslims! Watch Jews and Christians faith about stoning to death

Can believer take a revenge?


Religion of Abraham

O Muslims! Did Mohammad S A W not follow the religion of Imam Abu Hanifa?

O Muslims! Is not Imam Abu Hanifa and his family Ahl e Bait.

Did not Kaaba exsit before Ibraheem pbuh along with established Salah and Tawaf?

During Hajj hearts of the believers are inclined towards gaining nearness of Allah.

Besides Muslims, don’t Jews & Christians, call from Abraham to Jesus as biblical Jewish prophets?



What is Spirit / Rooh of Allah?

Does not Allah communicate / speak with human in all times?

Is enmity with Jibreel be in believing him as an angel or Rooh / Spirit of Allah?


Sacred Months

Which are the Forbidden months?


Salah / Prayer

Why do we recite attahiyat and durood in our Salah / Prayer?

O Muslims! From where did you take the format of Salah / Prayer.

O Muslims! By confession & charity how salaah of the messenger becomes satisfaction for us

Is shortening of the prayers not mentioned in the Quran?

What is the correct format of Salah?

Was the Salah / Namaz different of each prophet?

What are the characteristics of a believer’s Salah / Namaz?

What are the characteristics of a hypocrite’s Salah / Prayers?



Have the people not been killing the prophets by assassinating their personalities?



In Islam whirling on Sufi music, dancing on Nasheeds & religious songs is not Zikr of Allah?

Is Dawood pbuh not the Khalifa of mankind, and did not the Khilafat continued?


The Book

O Mankind! In how many Books Muslims must believe

How is Muhammad pbuh seal of the prophets?

Since Quran is in Arabic, how did the prophets clarify The Book in different languages?

What is the sequence of revelation?


The Book of Moses (pbuh) 2011

Is not the Taurah memorized, like donkeys traveling with load?

How has Allah preserved The Quran in the tablets of the people?

Why The Book of Moosa (p.b.u.h.) was revealed on Muhammad (s.a.w.)?

Does not Allah reveal on a human in all times?

O Mankind! Has there been 1, 2 or 4 books from God in all times?


The Book of Moses (pbuh) 1996

Was not The Book of Moosa (p.b.u.h) given to Muhammad (s.a.w)?


Torah & Gospel

Is not Torah the mother of The Book Quran?

What is Injeel & Who are the people of Injeel?

Is not Torah & Injeel mentioned with the name of Muhammad pbuh?

Was not Torah & Gospel revealed long before Moses & after Abraham?

Do not the Muslims have to establish the Torah & Gospel of the Book?

Is not the heaven promised by Allah in Torah, Gospel & Quran for the believers?

Is bible word of Allah / God?

How and where Allah preserved the Quran?


Vision of Abraham 2011

O Muslims! Is not #Imam Abu Hanifa a beautiful pattern for you to follow

O Muslims! Watch, what is the covenant of Jews & Christians in bible, & your covenant from Quran.

How did Ibraheem’s (pbuh) dream come true?

Did not Ismaeel pbuh & Ishaq pbuh had the same mother?


Vision of Abraham 1994

How one should take guidance & become Muslim for Allah God?

O’ Mankind! Did bible exist before Quran?

Why People of Bible & Hadith not accept The Truth when clear ayaat comes to them?



Does Quran not teach the children, The Wisdom of relationship with their parents?

Is The Wisdom of God not given to the followers of Abraham, and why people are jealous of them?

Why is it not allowed to raise our voices above the prophet’s voice?


Zaboor / Psalms

Are not Moses & Abraham pbuh Mentioned in the earlier Pages of Quran?

Wasn’t Zaboor / Psalms of Quran given to David & won’t corrected ones inherit earth?

Are not the deeds of mankind recorded in Zaboor / Psalms / Pieces?

How can we establish that the book of Allah was given to mankind & all the prophets?