Frequently asked questions


Lenient & Helpers

Did not the Christians forget the part of message which was given to them?

Consolation of Psychological Hurts

Does not Allah console the believers?
Does Allah respond to our calls?
Do we know the conditions of attaining forgiveness of Allah?


In the nearness of Allah how can we give atonement & correct our sins & mistakes?
Is not Mankind fasting in the month of Ramadan since its existence?

God & gods

Can we not join a non Muslim organization & follow it’s policies as believers?
Can we not identify Allah / God by His attributes?
Does Allah / God communicates with human?
How can we identify that The Quran is the only Book of God?
How should we strive to earn Love of Allah?
Can the Arabic Word ‘Allah’ be translated in different languages of the world?
Does not Allah teaches the Quran to mankind in all times?


Do we have to follow the human or the message revealed on him?
How Allah appoints messengers in the psyche of mankind?
Does not the judgment of Allah gets established when the messenger comes with the Truth & Guidance?
How one should take guidance & become Muslim for Allah God


Did not Allah describe the behavior of the people of Hadith?
What the messenger gives you, take it, and what he forbids you, so forbid
O’ People of Hadith! Have you pondered that recognition of Allah’s messenger is by Ahadith or Quran?
Who and Why they flatter and belie with The Book – Quran?


During Hajj hearts of the believers are inclined towards gaining nearness of Allah


Is Hijab (covering) of women’s face & head mentioned in the Quran?

Husband & Wife Relationship

Should not women be secluded during menstruation?

Imam / Leader

Can women lead Salah / Prayer?
How does Allah make Imam / leader from mankind?


Has not Allah granted the angels permission to intercede for mankind?
Can we get good news of Jannah / Paradise before our death?
How can we identify bad Shafaat / Intercession?
How to ask forgiveness through messenger?


Why Allah sends His messenger in all times?
How will believers know that Allah is pleased with their judgment?
Can we wrong others and get Islam / Attain Peace?
What is the judgment in the nearness of Allah?
Do not the believers attain peace by practicing dos & donts mentioned by God?

Jesus pbuh

Why Jesus pbuh cannot come before the Day of Judgment?
When & where was Jesus born?


Do not the believers do Jihad & love Allah & His messenger more than their wealth & loved ones?
How can Jihad / struggle in the way of God be successful without patience!
How to strive / struggle in way of Allah?
Isn’t fighting in the way of Allah killing our Soul / Self / Psyche & Others with the Truth?

The Book

Did God not give The only Book to the prophets & mankind as a Reading / Quran for guidance?
Did not the messenger teach The Book & The Wisdom from The Quran
O Mankind! In how many Books Muslims must believe?
Why People of Bible & Hadith not accept The Truth when clear ayaat comes to them?
In Quran, Is God not the author of the most beautiful hadiths of the prophets?
Which book was given to the prophets?
If there is only one Book, how the people understood it in times of various prophets?
How is Muhammad pbuh seal of the prophets?


How the people twist the meaning of the Quranic #Arabic in different languages?
Has Allah revealed The Quran in Arabic to address the Arabs
What happens when the messenger clarifies Arabic text of The Quran in the language of the people?


How do we identify the righteous Imam / leader in this world?
Is not the Book of Moses pbuh our leader & a mercy for us?

Mohammad pbuh

Does not the people of Hadith follow biblical Shara & not the Shara ordained by Allah in The Quran?
How is Muhammad pbuh seal of the prophets?


Can Muslims make distinction between prophets?
Is there a difference between guarding & shielding yourselves from the Ayaat of Allah?
Can believers differentiate b/w Allah and His messengers?
How can we identify a believer who is accepted by Allah?
Does not Allah make Muslims for Himself?


Are not women inclined to do corruption and theft, in comparison to men?
Is Not Stoning to Death A Barbaric Biblical Law for Adultery?

People of the Book

How to invite Muslims from the people of the book?

Physical Killing

Is a believer allowed to kill a non believer?
Can a believer kill a non believer?
Can a believer kill a non believer?
What is Qisas / Requital of killing a believer?
Can a believer kill a non believer?
Which one of the two books promoting killing of mankind, Quran or Bible?


How believers of Allah protect each other?
When Allah guides by His light why people end up in darkness?

Psychological Killing

How to kill your ‘self’ to achieve forgiveness and good life?

Kaaba / Qibla

How the first qibla (Direction of belief) appointed by Allah becomes the second qibla for mankind?
Did not Kaaba exsit before Ibraheem pbuh along with established Salah and Tawaf?
Is not Al Qaeda s to be followed by the Muslims in the House of Islam
Does Allah guides to change our Qibla / Direction of Belief or can we do it ourselves?


Can believer take a revenge?
What is the Standard of Forgiveness and Mercy of Allah for our Good and Bad Actions?
Does dishonoring / hurting (blasphemy) the messenger requires capital punishment?


Why is not Quran taught in any university / college / school anywhere in the world?
Does the Quran speaks of any sort of Wahi / inspiration other than The Quran?
O’ People Ponder – What is the proof that The Quran is the only Book of Allah?
What is the main prerequisite of reading The Quran?

Religion of Abraham pbuh

Is it not beautiful pattern of Abraham pbuh in ASH-SHUARA 26:78-86 for believers to achieve garden?
Is Ibraheem pbuh not a nation to follow to get good in this world and hereafter?
Do the Muslims not follow the religion of their Father / Ancestor Abraham pbuh?
O’ Muslims! Did Mohammad S.A.W. not follow the religion of Imam Abu Hanifa?

Rooh / Spirit

Does not Allah communicate / speak with human in all times?
How Allah reveals a subject to a human?
Is enmity with Jibreel be in believing him as an angel or Rooh / Spirit of Allah?
Does not Allah reveal on a human in all times?
What is the purpose of lailat – ul – Qadr, night of blessing & evaluation?

Salah / Prayer

O Muslims! By confession & charity how salah of the messenger becomes satisfaction for us
O’ Muslims! From where did you take the format of Salah / Prayer?
What is the correct format of Salah?


Does Allah cancel the encounter of satan or His ayaat / signs?
Does Allah cancel His ayats?
Does not the shaitan makes the blind ones feel as the guided ones?
What was the reason of the angel iblees not bowing to Adam?


Does not the Sunnah / practice of Allah remain the same?
Have the people not been killing the prophets by assassinating their personalities?
Do not people on the earth seek greatness with their evil planning?

Torah & Gospel

Is not the Gospel a sermon of Torah by Jesus pbuh followed by the people of Gospel?
Is not the Torah hidden from Jews, Christians & Muslims?
Is bible word of Allah / God?
Is not Torah the mother of The Book Quran?
Is not Torah & Injeel mentioned with the name of Muhammad pbuh?

The Vision of Abraham pbuh

Did not Ismaeel pbuh & Ishaq pbuh had the same mother?
How did Abraham’s (pbuh) dream come true?


Did not the wealth of the Pharaoh made him and his followers not believe in Allah & Moses pbuh?
Did Islam spread by the sword?


Why is it not allowed to raise our voices above the prophet’s voice?


Wasn’t Zaboor / Psalms of Quran given to David & won’t corrected ones inherit earth?
How has Allah preserved The Quran in the tablets of the people


Does not Riba mean increase and not interest?

Parent & Children Relationship

Does Quran not teach the children, The Wisdom of relationship with their parents?

Straight Path

How Allah changes the Qibla (direction of belief) of mankind & guides them to straight path?