IIPC Work and Services

IIPC Work and services

IIPC Canada is now a formal registered organization, which will not only keep the main interest of Mohammad Shaikh alive but also provide all those who stand influenced with the message to use and promote the message by advertising IIPC Canada. IIPC Canada has been able to also achieve another goal by being entrusted to run and own IIPC Internet TV Channels from those who created it without having to give any financial benefit or remuneration. IIPC introduced two Internet TV Channels in English and Urdu that runs 24/7 around the globe. These channels were created as an aftermath of an event that occurred in 2004 due to the law and order situation that prevails in Pakistan and the lack of tolerance of freedom of speech. This event was an attack on Mohammad Shaikh’s life. He was shot at five times and one bullet hit his face, damaging his lips and lower eight teeth. Miraculously he survived by the will of Allah. At this time he realized his time is not yet and his work was far from being over. After his recovery he informed those responsible in Pakistan for the promotion of his lectures through IIPC that not only does he feel the need to deliver all those topics which Allah has inspired him and are ready for delivery but also the need for a tool through which the propagation and promotion of lectures should be established. IIPC TV Channels came to birth, which is now proudly a part of IIPC Canada. IIPC Canada is very thankful to all those around the world who did work for promoting the truth in the form of topic vise lectures delivered by Mohammad Shaikh. IIPC Canada assures all those individuals who have entrusted their work and effort to us that their objectives will only reach higher goals and will do justice to their dedication and hard work under the management of IIPC Canada. IIPC Canada also requests all those who stand inspired by the lectures and those who are in the process of understanding and taking guidance from The Book of Allah to support this cause. We also appeal to all such people who at this moment in time like to help and contribute towards the well being of those in need.

As a charitable organization we have local outreach program to collect & provide food & clothing donations to the poor & needy in collaboration with other Charitable organizations.