IIPC Aims & Objectives

IIPC’s Aims and Objectives

And when Allah took the charter of those who are given Al-Kitab / The Book that you would make it clear for mankind and you will not keep it secret then they threw it behind their backs and purchase with it a little value so what a miserable purchase. Aal-e-Imran 3:187

IIPC Canada is a Da’wah organization whose main aim and objective is to promote Al-Qur’an, the Book of Allah. This should also be the main aim and objective of every Muslim, however the majority of us end up pursuing worldly objectives, totally unaware of the teachings of the Quran (which is meant to bring peace and harmony in our lives), and unfortunately the Quran is left behind our backs (i.e. put low in our priority list). IIPC Canada has taken up on this mantle and made this our first priority. Additionally, our organization is focused on promoting the true essence of the message of Allah by promoting the works of notable speakers and preachers with the same focus.

IIPC Aims & ObjectivesThis site serves as a call to action for all the Muslims who are ready to connect with the message of Allah and who realize that the Quran is not just a nice book to have, but it is a must to understand it and practice its teachings for our own benefit. We invite everyone to join us and help us reach our goals

Main goals of International Islamic Propagation Center are as follows:

1. To remove the illiteracy of the Quran

2. To present the Quran for what it is, i.e. the most interesting and relevant Book of all times.

3. To raise a Quranic generation, and through them reach out to future generations.

4. To present it as a proclamation to Humanity.

5. Highlight it as a fountain of Mercy and wisdom, a warning to the heedless, a Guide to the astray, an assurance to the doubtful, a solace to those suffering and a hope to those in despair.

Our mission also includes inviting people to fulfill the rights of the Quran, i.e. to believe in it, recite it, understand it, ponder upon it, practice it, spread it and memorize it as much as possible.

Our methodology is to instruct (in a practical way) on how to recite, understand and interact with the Quran, no matter if you are old or young and no matter what background you come from. Help us bring this Ummah back to the Quran, the true and ultimate solution.

Be a part of our mission to recite, understand, ponder, practice and Spread the message of The Quran! Jazakumullahu khayran.