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  1. As Salam ala kum
    Sir saw your lecture on zakat lam employee l will get my salary monthly.l have to pay zakat.in that salary or how.pls

  2. Assalamualiakum brother Mohammad Shaikh I learned Quran from almost 3 years ago and continue it…. and this Ramadan my brother tell me about your videos and I said Ok lets watch it, Than I watch 5-6 videos in a day and every video give me the actual information about Quran and with the blessings of Allah, He guide me and my brother to the straight path and I decide with surety that Now I’m going to follow Only The truth given by God Almighty. And I found some mistake in Urdu translation because the translater is believe in school of thoughts you know. I forgot to tell you that I’m from India and live in the Madhaya Pradesh Sironj it’s a small city. There some problems occurs when I said the truth to the friends one and Someone’s said you are not believe in Mohammad PBUH Astagfirullah, What I said is I follow Mohammad PBUH whose in the Quran and you all are follow Mohammad bin Abdullah according to hadith concept. And some scholars point over me and give fatwa over me. Allah guide me surely I believe Alhamdulillah
    With the knowledge of Quran give me some tips to handle this situations.
    May Allah guide us to the straight path…… Ameen ☝

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