Assalam Alaikum Brother and Sisters,

Join hands with us to become Ansarullah / helpers of Allah, volunteer and support our mission of Da’wah
i.e. invitation of Al-Islam to the masses of the world.

Take a few minutes and answer a few questions
so we know each other better and work with you as a team
and promote the above provided multimedia links / lectures in your circles
and around the world in Allah’s Cause.

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  • By ‘skill set / expertise’ we mean to ask, in what ways can you render your services in order to help promote the message of Allah. For example (IOS App development, Android App development, Marketing, Advertisement, Monetary support etc.)


International Islamic Propagation Center Canada,
IIPC Canada is a charitable organization,
which aims to promote Allah’s Book to mankind.

The center endeavors to propagate Al-Islam in its pristine form
based on the ayaat (signs) of Allah
and the general public can benefit from its activities
free of cost learning materials
and direct consultations with the speaker on understanding
and practices of Al-Qur’an in their daily lives.

The center has no political or sectarian affiliation
and is run Fi-sabeel Allah (in the way of God)
solely on a charitable basis.

Our mission is to

Produce and Market lectures of Brother Muhammad Shaikh worldwide.
a, English Lectures
b, Urdu Lectures

Operate internet TV channels 24/7
a, English Channel
b, Urdu Channel

Availability of our TV channels

Smart Phone Applications
a, iPhone
b, Google play

TV Applications
a, Apple TV
b, Android TV
c, Amazon Fire tv
d, Ruku TV

Social Media outreach programs
a, IIPC Canada Youtube
b, IIPC Canada Facebook
c, IIPC Canada Twitter
d, IIPC Canada Linkedin
e, Muhammad Shaikh Vimeo
f, Muhammad Shaikh Youtube
g, Muhammad Shaikh Facebook
h, Muhammad Shaikh Twitter

Maintenance of websites

Conduct Online live sessions
a, (

Helping the poor and needy
a, Collecting non perishable food items
b, Clothing donations to provide it to the poor and needy.

Printing & publishing of Quran and related materials
Provide Education through lectures for those who like to correct themselves in the sight of Allah
a, English Booklets
b, Urdu Booklets
c, Podcast

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May Allah reward you and bless you for your generosity in this world and hereafter. (Ameen)